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End Time Headlines - Egypt releases 1978 Camp David Accords calling for Palestinian autonomy

Some analysts believe that the document was published now, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Accords, as a poke in the eye of United States President Donald Trump.

Egypt on Thursday published previously classified documents from its 1978 peace negotiations with Israel that called for full Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip within five years. The talks resulted in the Camp David Accords, comprising one deal pertaining to the Palestinian issue and a second that formed the foundation of the comprehensive Israel-Egypt treaty forged a year later. The Accords were signed by then-Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin as well as former Egyptian and American presidents Anwar Sadat and Jimmy Carter.

The document regarding the Palestinians, titled “A Framework for Peace in the Middle East,” envisioned a five-year transitional period beginning with the establishment of an elected Palestinian body to administer the territories captured by Israel in the 1967 war. The Israeli military government would thereafter cease to operate in these self-ruled regions, although the terms of the pact provided for the Israel Defense Forces to remain in certain areas for an undefined period of time.

After the interim period, final-status negotiations were to be held to hash out the details of an end-of-claims agreement. Notably, the initial framework did not include mention of the status of Jerusalem or Palestinian refugees.

Some analysts believe that the document was published now, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Accords, as a poke in the eye of United States President Donald Trump, whose administration was boycotted by the Palestinian Authority following Washington’s recognition in December of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. High-ranking Palestinian officials, including PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, repeatedly have leveled fierce criticism against the White House, which they accuse of being biased in favor of Israel and of attempting to “liquidate” the Palestinian cause through a yet-unveiled peace proposal.

In response, President Trump has cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the PA and to programs in the West Bank and Gaza, including funds earmarked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which tends to Palestinian refugees.

By contrast, others believe Cairo’s move was prompted by a desire to remind the Palestinians of what is at stake should Abbas continue to reject out-of-hand President Trump’s eighteen-months-in-the-making so-called “deal of the century.” In fact, one Palestinian official who spoke to The Media Line on condition of anonymity contended that Egyptian President Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi was in the US’s corner, especially since Washington earlier this month released $1.2 billion in military aid to Egypt previously suspended over human rights concerns.

Abbas has in recent months clashed with Cairo, which is mediating a process aimed at ending the decade-long feud between the PA-governed West Bank and Hamas-ruled Gaza.

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Catholic Churches Using Replacement Theology to Deny Divinity of Temple Mount: Christian Leader

Catholic Churches Using Replacement Theology

“For rebellion is like the sin of divination, Defiance, like the iniquity of teraphim. Because you rejected Hashem’s command, He has rejected you as king.” I Samuel 15:23 (The Israel Bible™)

The Catholic Church’s response to recent turmoil over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem confirms that the Church is using Islamic replacement theology, in “direct violation of the Torah”, to “promote heresy” and deny the Jewish and Biblical connection to the Mount, said prominent Christian and Jewish voices in a harsh takedown of anti-Israel Christian vitriol.

“These so-called ‘Heads of Churches in Jerusalem’ are false prophets,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore, an influential Evangelical figure in the global pro-Israel Christian movement, told Breaking Israel News in an exclusive interview. “Their words are in direct violation of the Torah, the prophets, the writings and the New Testament.”

Cardoza-Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations and special envoy to the United Nations, referred to a declaration made last Wednesday by a group of churches under the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem which placed blame for flaring tensions on the Temple Mount solely on Israel.

The statement transparently sought to placate and pander to Muslim interests by referring to the Temple Mount as “Haram Ash Sharif” and “Al Aqsa” without any reference to the Biblical connection to the site – seemingly rejecting the religious leaders’ own Christian beliefs.

“This [statement] should serve as a warning to anyone – flee from these false prophets and their churches,” Cardoza-Moore declared.

“Had they read their Bibles instead of promoting heresy, they would have discovered that the Temple Mount (not Al Aqsa) is the holiest place on earth according to God, Judaism and Christianity.”

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the Vatican has consistently expressed a pro-Palestinian bias overlooking the violence and terror perpetrated on Israel. Pope Francis referred to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, a major inciter of violence, as an “angel of peace”, and has insisted that Islam is not associated with violence. The Vatican has also recognized the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem by placing its embassy to the PA in East Jerusalem and its embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv.

Cardoza-Moore accused the Catholic Churches of transgressing the law from Deuteronomy.

Accursed is the one who moves the boundary of his fellow.  Deuteronomy 27:17

“These church leaders are promoting heresy in direct violation of God’s commandments and the most vile form of anti-Semitic revisionist history and replacement theology,” she asserted.

Replacement theology is a Christian doctrine which holds that the Church “replaced” Israel in God’s plan and in the covenant with the Biblical patriarchs. Replacement theology has been a core tenet of the Catholic Church for the majority of its existence. Some mainstream Christian theologians and denominations have rejected this belief, perceiving the modern State of Israel as the physical manifestation of God’s everlasting covenant with the Jewish People.

Officially, the Vatican no longer adheres to strict Replacement theology. In 1965, under Pope Paul VI, the Second Vatican Council released the monumental Nostra Aetate document signaling a shift away from replacement thinking. However, the belief remains a core aspect of Catholicism for many.

Indeed, charged Cardoza-Moore, the Catholic Church has actually taken a radical step beyond traditional replacement theology beliefs. By rejecting the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, she believes the Church has actually embraced Islamic theology.

“Not only have they rejected God’s eternal covenant with our Jewish brethren, but they have replaced Christianity entirely with a radical Islamic ideology,” Cardoza-Moore told Breaking Israel News. “These leaders were either forced at gunpoint to make this heretical claim, or they have replaced their brand of Christianity with Islam.”

Islam espouses an even broader and more extreme version of replacement theology than Catholicism, establishing Islam as the one true religion usurping both Judaism and Christianity. The Islamic doctrine of tahrif teaches that earlier monotheistic have been corrupted, while the Koran presents a pure version of the divine message that they originally contained.

Rabbi Tovia Singer, founder and director of Outreach Judaism and an expert educator on all three Abrahamic religions, told Breaking Israel News that the Catholic Church’s attitude in this crisis essentially “nullifies God’s Covenantal promise of land to the Jewish people.”

“People are understandably perplexed when spiritual leaders of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Armenian Church refer to the Temple Mount with the Muslim name ‘Haram al-Sharif’,” Rabbi Singer said, noting that the Temple and Judea are holy places in the Christian Gospels as well as in Jewish writings.

“An ascription like ‘Haram al-Sharif’ and the West Bank were unknown to the writers of the New Testament.”

Rabbi Singer explained that the present conflict has placed the Catholic Church in an untenable situation in which espousing Islamic replacement theology is actually preferable to acknowledging modern Israel’s claim to its holiest site.

“If the bishops of Christendom’s most esteemed churches acknowledged that the Children of Israel returned to their homeland and were given sovereignty over Jerusalem, then all the Church fathers were wrong about their core belief on the fate of the Jews,” he said.

“Although the Church battled Islam for more than seven centuries, it cannot concede this victory to the Jews. For Rome, better ‘Haram al-Sharif’ than the Jewish Temple Mount.”