Purim 2017 and the eternal covenant of protection

Purim is a time to celebrate a promise made to a pagan who became the father of GOD’s people, Abraham. A solid citizen of Ur of the Chaldees ( in Iraq of all places), Abram was told by a GOD he knew not, to go to a place he knew not and become the father of a people whose numbers were as limitless as the stars in the sky . This GOD had given each star its own name. In many places in Scripture this GOD says, I will be their GOD and they will be my people. This people is comprised of those born to the 12 tribes and those Grafted In by the “fulfillment” of The Messiah. On March 12-13, 2017,( Sunset Saturday March 12 through sunset Sunday March 13 in Jerusalem) the Tribes and the grafted in will celebrate one of the most miraculous of many miracles of rescue and survival.

Israel has seen many attempts by god-kings and their henchmen to eliminate GOD’s people. The god-kings are gone along with their willing accomplices, but GOD’s people are here to stay. Today it seems that “The Nations” are once again poised to eliminate GOD’s people and the place promised to them by their GOD. Good luck.
For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness (Isaiah 62:1)

The fulfillment of the vast breach in the covenant made with the first couple (Adam and Eve) by The Messiah has brought together all GOD’s people. Christians need to know about Purim, the courage of a young Hebrew woman, her uncle-guardian, the price of trying to eliminate GOD’s people and how GOD has several covenants in force at once.

This is a time to pray, study, and celebrate. As they say in Israel, “they tried to kill us, they failed we’re still here. Let’s eat. Invite your friends in for as meal and prayer and study of Purim. You will be amazed and comforted in this time of worldwide opposition to GOD and His people.


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