A Prayer for President Trump – Psalms 20-21 – Spiritual WarFare against Principalities and Powers

A Prayer for President Trump – Psalms 20-21

Lord God,

We bring President Trump before Your throne this day in the name of Jesus. We pray You will answer Him when He calls to You in the day of trouble. May Your name as the God of Jacob protect him. Please send him help from Your sanctuary and give him support from Your unseen temple in the heavens. I pray that You will save him and answer him from Your holy heaven with the saving might of Your right hand.

I pray that he will not trust in chariots or horses but instead learn to trust in Your name as the Lord our God. Cause him to rise up and stand firm as he trusts in You. Please grant him every desire of his heart that is pleasing to You and cause every plan of his that is in accordance with Your will to succeed. Fulfill every petition he brings to You that is consistent with Your will. We ask You to grant us our requests on his behalf, that we may shout for joy and lift up banners in Your name when Your will is done through him.

We acknowledge that as You set the crown on King David’s head, so You have elevated him to the highest office in our land. We pray that he will rejoice in Your strength and not in his own. We pray that You will draw him near to You so that You may make him glad with the joy of your presence. As he trusts in You, we pray that because of Your steadfast love, the love of the Most High, he will not be moved or shaken. Grant him life and length of days and eternal blessings.

We know that the president has enemies in the world that is seen and the world that is unseen, enemies who hate him and will devise mischief against him. We pray in Jesus’ name that every evil plan they have devised against him and your purposes through him will be thwarted. May his enemies, seen and unseen, be put to flight and may their plans not succeed.



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