Jesus – Worship of the Holy Spirit – Worship of the Lamb of God – Filling with the Holy Ghost

Father I come before your Throne with the Worship in my heart and Spirit,

Holy angels cry Your Holy, Fill my cup I lift it up now Lord,.

Come breathe upon me breath of God Breath upon me, Spirit of the Lord As I lift my hands in surrender. To your name, Most High, I’m yealding to your Spirit. Walking in your Love Jesus I adore, Jesus I adore, Jesus I adore your Holy Name.

Fill my cup Lord, lift it up Lord. Come and quench this thirsting of my soul. Bread of heave,  feed me I want no More. Here’s my cup, fill it up and make me whole, Jesus I adore your Holy name. I thank you for your Presence around me. Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb. Glory, glory, glory to the Laomb. For you are glorioos and and worthy to be prayised, Youre the Lamb upon the throne. And unto you we lift our voice in praice. You’re the Lamb upon the throne.

God is moving by His Spirit. Moving in all the earth. Signs and wonders when God moveth. Move on all we need.

Holy Spirit come flow through me. Holy Spirit Flow through me. And make my lifewhat it ought to be- All the angels, cry Your Holy. To the Lamb who sits on throne. Holy Holy, God Almightt who was, and is and ist o come,

In Jesus Mighty name and Glorious Power and in the Blood of the Everlasting Govenant I worship You and Pray.



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