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Derek Prince – Prayers and Proclamations – Introduction – Proclaim Praise Prayer Thanksgiving

God had commissioned Moses to deliver Israel out of their slavery in Egypt, but Moses felt he was not equipped for the task. “What is that in your hand?” God asked. “A rod,” Moses replied. He saw no special significance in it. God proceeded to demonstrate to him the miraculous potential in that seemingly insignificant rod—and Moses actually fled in terror from his own rod! But when God showed him how to use the rod as an instrument of divine authority, it was all he needed to fulfill his task. With that rod Moses defeated the magicians of Egypt—stripped Pharaoh of his power— humiliated Egypt’s gods—and brought Israel out from slavery to freedom. You, too, have a rod in your hand: your Bible. If you can understand its unlimited potential, you can use your Bible as Moses used his rod: to extend God’s authority into any situation where Satan opposes the people and

the purposes of God. Over the past three years Ruth and I have been fighting a continuing war against Satan, who has opposed us and our ministry in many different ways. His primary goal has been to kill Ruth. In this war the Holy Spirit has taught us how to take the Bible as our rod and extend God’s authority through it into every area where Satan has been opposing us. The Holy Spirit has led us systematically to Scripture after Scripture, and has shown us how to direct them to each area where Satan has been opposing us. The strategy which the Holy Spirit has taught us is: PROCLAIM! THANK! PRAISE! First, PROCLAIM the appropriate Scripture with bold, unwavering confidence. To make this fully effective, we often personalize the passage we quote, making any grammatical changes needed to apply it personally to ourselves. For instance, where the Bible says, “you,” we change

it to “I” or “we.” The second step is to accept the Scripture we have proclaimed as true, even before we see its actual outworking in any situation. The natural result of this is to THANK God for it. This leads logically to the third step: loud, jubilant PRAISE. In Song of Solomon 6:4, Solomon depicts Christ’s Bride, the Church, as “awesome as an army with banners.” Under these three banners —PROCLAMATION, PRAISE, THANKSGIVING—we have been able to drive out the hosts of darkness and enter into the freedom which God has appointed for us as His believing people. The scriptural proclamations in this booklet have been tested and tried in our own experience. The passages we have memorized have been taken from the particular version that the Holy Spirit has made “alive” to us. Unless otherwise indicated, this is The New King James. Where we have felt it appropriate to make significant changes in the wording, this has been indicated by an asterisk (*).

The Scriptures are grouped under nine main headings: Righteousness and Holiness Health and Strength Guidance, Protection, Preservation God’s Intervention in Human Affairs Testing and Trial Spiritual Conflict Perfect Redemption Mental and Emotional Stability Serving God Finally, at the end, there are three comprehensive proclamations which are “special favorites” of ours. To receive the maximum benefit from these Scriptures, here are three simple steps to follow: 1. Ask the Holy Spirit to make “alive” to you the special Scriptures which are appropriate to your particular situation. 2. Read these Scriptures through many times—out loud, if possible.

3. Gradually proceed from reading aloud to systematic memorization. This is a natural step. The Hebrew expression for “to learn by heart” is “to learn by mouth.” As you read the words aloud, they gradually become imprinted on your memory. After a while, you will probably find other Scriptures, which the Holy Spirit makes “alive” for you in a special way. The blank pages at the end of each section are for those personal prayers and proclamations. Ruth and I pray that these Scriptures will do as much for you as they have done for us. They have made the difference between defeat and victory!
Derek Prince


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