How to Call Upon the Angels for Guidance and Protection

You may call upon as many angels as you feel are needed in different situations, and they will all come. Remember that they can be in more than one place at one time, so you are not taking them away from another who may need them more than you.

The angels are ready to assist you, but they usually like to wait for you to call upon them. All you need to do is say, “Angels, please guide and protect me (or a loved one),” and they will come right away!

In response to your prayers, they may come to you as a thought, a feeling, knowingness, or a vision. Sometimes they may give you signs to let you know they are around. At first you may feel that you are only imagining the messages you are receiving. Therefore, all you need to do is ask God to allow you to know when the angels are truly giving you messages. These prayers will not go unanswered because God wants you to be able to understand when you are truly feeling and hearing His heavenly messengers.

Unfortunately, you may sometimes unknowingly cut off communication with the angels because you may fear what you may see, feel, or hear. Because of this, the angels will not come to you because they want to bring you comfort, not fear, so they will wait until you are ready for them. In this case, you may wish to pray for God to help you release any fears that are preventing you from connecting with the celestial realm.

At other times, you may feel unworthy, and therefore do not call upon the angels for their help. I assure you that we are all worthy of their assistance. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done; the angels are there for all of us. They are not here to judge you, but simply to guide and protect you at all times.

You may also call upon as many angels as you feel are needed in different situations, and they will all come. Also remember that they can be in more than one place at one time, so you are not taking them away from another who may need them more than you do.

Again, because you have free will, the angels cannot always intervene in your life without your permission. If you want some help with anything, you just need to ask the angels for their assistance, and they will be there for you. It’s really that simple!

Many years ago, when my older son first obtained his driver’s permit, I asked the angels to surround his car and protect him whenever he drove. On the first Christmas after getting his permit, he volunteered to drive my family to my in-laws’ house, which was about forty minutes away. As we were getting ready to climb into my car, I noticed that it had a flat tire. Because of this, we were forced to use his Dad’s car instead, which was bigger and sturdier than mine.

Just a few blocks from our house, as we were stopped at a traffic light on the main road, a drunken driver plunged into us from behind at full force. We were all fine, but as I climbed out of the car to inspect the damage, I was surprised to see the other driver’s car was totaled, and our car had only a very tiny scratch on the bumper! If we had used my smaller car, things certainly could have been much worse. But then again, I know the angels were with us and believe we would have been totally protected anyway!

There are different types of angels, but for simplicity purposes, I will mention the two most common types of angels that you can call upon to help you at any time.

Guardian Angels
Everyone has at least one guardian angel, and some have more than that. Guardian angels guide and protect you throughout various stages of your life. Your guardian angel is here for you and nobody else!

The archangels have a more powerful, stronger essence than guardian angels. They oversee and guide the other angels who are here on earth. The exact number of archangels is debatable, but the four that are the most widely known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

Archangel Michael is the patron saint of police officers and soldiers. His main role is to take away negativity in your life. He is able to restore harmony and peace, and will come to help you whenever you call upon him.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel to call upon if you need help writing or speaking because he is the communication angel. All you need to do is ask him to help you to overcome any fears or problems you are experiencing in communication, and he will be there for you.

Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon to heal yourself or others. When you ask for a healing, Raphael may not only show you what you can do to get well, but he often may show you how your thoughts and actions had triggered your health problems in the first place.

You can call upon the angels at any time and they will come. They are very real beings of God’s light who are here to shine for all of us. These celestial beings bring us protection, comfort, relief, and understanding far beyond what mere words can express here. I am so grateful to God for sending us these wonderful heavenly messengers!