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3 Prayers for Pastors – Prayer to cover your pastor – God – An inspiring quote to give to your pastor

This page features three prayers to pray for your pastor, with an uplifting prayer for his renewal and ministry, a prayer to cover your pastor in God’s protection and safety, and a short prayer for before the worship service for his leading and preaching. There are also some inspiring scripture quotes about the role of a pastor in church life.

Prayer for Pastors

Dear God,

Thank you for our pastor, for the shepherd he is to all he meets, gently guiding them and caring for them.
Thank you for his wisdom, for the words of truth that he reveals from the bible.
Thank you for his faith, for the exuberance of his praise and the passion in his prayers.

Lord we pray for this man of God. Please come and be his shepherd now. Protect him, guard his mind and minister to his heart.
Come be his anchor. May he know that his feet rest secure on your foundations.
Come fill his vision. Please lift his eyes to see the beauty of your kingdom.
Come renew his hope. We ask that you would fill the sails of his heart with your goodness and eternal truth.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

An inspiring quote to give to your pastor
bible quote about the plans of God with trees and road in background

Prayer to cover your pastor

We pray for our pastor that he may dwell under the rainbow of your promises. Lord, may he always find shelter in your word and stillness in your waters of peace. May his heart soar with faith on wings like eagles, may he run and not be weary, may he walk and not feel faint.

Thank you that your mighty hand of protection is upon him now. Come bless him abundantly with your love and kindness.


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