Destroying the Kingdom of Hell - Deliverance - Self Deliverance

Win Worley Deliverance Prayers – Loosing and Binding – Loosing from False Religions – Taking Authority over Homes and Business – Breaking Satans Power


 For myself, family and friends, in the authority of Jesus Christ, I break all curses, bind Satan and the rulers, strongmen, doorkeepers and all the evil spirits of, over, in and working through our entire lives and beings; our bodies, souls spirits, homes, schools, churches, jobs, possessions, properties, finances, businesses, each president, owner, board of directors, employer, employee, treasurer, customer and the finances of these businesses. In the name of Jesus, I break all curses, bind and cast Satan’s spirits out of each category just named and especially from our spirits, all hindrances to spiritual growth, our bodies (infirmities, sicknesses, weaknesses, deformities) and our souls (minds, intellect, intelligence) and our wills, emotions and feelings.


In the name of Jesus, I cut Satan, his·demons and curses loose from me, myfamily and friends. I command you, Satan, your foul and evil spirits and curses to loose me, my family and friends and all things you have stolen from us (happy marriages, families, ministries).

I command you to stop robbing us of our blessings and preventing God’s perfect will for our lives. I refuse to allow you to steal anything else from me, my family and friends. I command you to loose all natural resources, land, animals, money, the finances of people who owe us money, and all the things you have stolen from us that are ours through the blessings of Jesus. I ask you Lord, to send Your angels to bring these things back to us.


In the Name of Jesus Christ, I bind the rulers, the strongmen, oorkeepersand all connected, related and resulting demons of witchcraft, Satan worship, human and animal sacrifice, black magic, witchcraft control, mindcontrol, mind occult and the occult of, over, in and working in and hrough: the world, U.S., each state, county, city, township, suburb, street,neighborhood, block, home and church.

I loose, in the name of Jesus, upon and into all of Satan’s children, partaking of and planning these wicked and evil practices, the spirits of: Confusion, Forgetfulness, Destruction; also spirits of Salvation, Adoption as Children of God (Romans 8:15) and Deliverance.

I ask You, Father, to put a special covering of angels over each ceremony,coven, witch and warlock, so that no curse or demon can emerge or be sent.

In the Name of Jesus, I return to the senders all curses and demons that they have already or will attempt to send out.

Father, I ask You to send special angels to protect (Exodus 8:22, 23), hide and put a hedge around (Job 1:10; Hosea 2:6) all your children who are in the deliverance ministry; and all people and animals that would be sought out to be sacrificed or to be cursed.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break free and loose myself and family from all false religions, especially Roman Catholicism. I bind and cast out all connected and related spirits.


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