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Why Did God Create Angelic Beings? Angels and Archangels – Angels Carry the Message – Angels Love Us Enough to Watch Over Us – Guardian Angel

There are good reasons to believe angelic beings exist (even without the specific description of these beings in the Bible), and God’s Word provides us with much more detail about their existence and nature. But another question still lingers: why did God create angel beings exist in the first place?

Prayer for Protection

Lord, I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over the legal grounds Your Blood can be applied, over my spirit, over my soul and over my body. I cover myself and everything surrounding me with the Blood of Jesus. I cover my mind, conciousness and subconciousness for the protection of

Prayer to Receive the Holy Spirit

O King of glory, send us the Promised of the Father, the Spirit of Truth. May the Counselor Who proceeds from you enlighten us and infuse all truth in us, as You have promised.

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