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Protection Prayer.The Almighty God, Prayer for Protection Angels

If you want the total protection of God and from His Angels. Say this prayer

Almighty God – Elohim,

We invoke your Holy Name. Kara Shem Adonai. Kara Shem Jehovah Nissi. Your Name is Holy and Your Glory exeeds to the ends of the world. All creation proclaims Your Glory. You make Your Angels spirits and Your ministers a flame of fire. You shall give Your Angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways. In their hands they shall bear us up. Lest we dash our foot against a stone. You Almighty Father give charge over Angels because of us.

We pray that Almighty shall send His Angels and Protection Angels to protect us in this very day. Bring the sword of God against the power of satan, Father. Thunder from heaven against our enemies. Breathe with your breath over us and let us rest in your Holy Presence.

We pray that You shall place Your Angels in this place. Place your Angels to guard every corner of the room. We ask o Your Angels to bind every spirit and demon that is operating in the air, and give them to Jesus, where ever He wants to send them.

We now renounce, break and loose ourselves from every evil presence and influence from any demonic power. We pray that Almighty God shall send His shadow over us this day and forever. For abiding under the shadow of the allmighty our service for God shall be perfect among all the saints.

Jesus. You are in the third heaven. All principalities and powers are placed under your feet. We pray that you shall come from third heaven against all evil principalities, powers, rulers of this world, strongmen, kings, princes and spirits, who are operating in this place. We pray that you shall dissolve and cast away all the forces of darkness and they shall not be manifested here or move on and over us in the name of Jesus Christ.

We pray that the Blood of Jesus covers us,


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Dereje Fufa
Dereje Fufa

God Bless all us ,this this Plan of GOD ,to save Us by NAME JESUS , TRUE SOURCE OF WATER LIFE.




I urge all believers to examine the content of a prayer – it is written in hast!
Who can ask God to be kept in own ways- God can answer only to prayer when we seek to be kept in his god’s ways! It is shame to have it posted- sorry! for saying the truth


Greetings to all in The Name of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I urge every believer to pray this prayer for protection daily particularly in the morning with faith.
We are surrounded by evil forces and darkness all the all the time, therefore we ought to pray ceaselessly with all prayer and supplication. By praying the above prayer daily we should be able to memorize it within a few weeks .
God bless all of us in Jesus Name.