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Prayer to the Holy Spirit Power

Holy Spirit

Tender Might and Power of God please fill my whole being with Your precious Power that I may serve You and do Your Divine Will. You are the Spirit of Father – source to the Power of God. You searcheth the depths of the God and I pray that You shall reveal me Will of the Father and the thoughts of the God. Grant me Your sevenfold Power and in Your Love I shall move and breathe. Breathe inside me, Spirit of God. Let me walk in the Spirit every day, every hour, every minute. Make me a God’s servant of Fire. Please make your servant as a wind. Comforter and Helper I want to know You and Your will as I surrender to Your Divine presence. Your Holyness is Mighty. Your Power is undescribeable. I desire You, not because of Your Gifts. I desire You because You are the Giver, Holy, Mighty, Everpresent breathing inside of me.



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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit thou who make me see
everything and show me the way
to reach my ideal. You who give
me the divine gift to forgive, and
forget the wrong that is done to me
and who are in all instances of my
life with me. I, in this short dialogue,
want to thank You for everything
and confirm once more that I never
want to be separated from You, no
matter how great the material
desires may be. I want to be with
You and my loved ones in Your
Perpetual Glory, Amen.

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