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Prayer for World Peace

We pray for our troubled world, wandering in the excruciating twilight of an uncertain peace. In our hearts we know that this is no true peace – rather suspicion and fear, animosity and greed. We ask that Your Spirit will strive mightily with the leaders of the nations as they seek a formula by which the peoples of the earth can live at peace with one another.

Impress upon their minds and hearts

that until we are at peace with You, we can be at peace with no one else; that freedom can exist nowhere unless it exists everywhere;

that the strength of this nation does not lie in armies or navies, but in the integrity of her people;

that peace is born out of righteousness – and nothing else;

that the trouble with our world is still – people; that peace is not possible until people’s hearts – our hearts – and the direction of our wills are changed.

Make us willing to be changed, whatever the cost to our self-sufficiency, whatever the price to our insistence on having our own way. Will You reveal Your will for [America], that she may now realize her destiny and place in Your plan for the world?

O Our Father, grant that the promised day may soon come when culture and learning, education and compassion, shall again light all lamps that wars have extinguished; when all wanderers can return to their homes and their little gardens; when “men to men the world o’er shall brothers be for a’ that”; when all of us may be united in the high adventure of building a better world. In Your name, who are the Father of us all, we make this prayer. Amen.


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