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Prayer of Salvation 2013 - John 3:16 - KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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Home Prayers to Pray Prayer for Inspiration and Divine Ideas & Prayer for Secrets of God

Prayer for Inspiration and Divine Ideas & Prayer for Secrets of God

Heavenly Father,
I have called upon Thee for you to hear my whisper through your marvelous loving kindness impart your Divine Inspiration stirring up the Secrets of Your light and Divine Ideas into my spirit. Thy right hand save me. For I have put my trust in Thee Lord. Holy Spirit Impart Your Secrets – the Mind of God – Into my Spirit Father. Shield me with your Faith and from the suffering today for in Your presence there is no suffering. The Stillness of my soul stretches out for the Secrets of God, Father. My spirit streches to know you deeply for who you are, Lord.
Impart Your Holy Spirit Father who is like a wind and breath inside me. I obey in Your light Your Spirit Father. And I ask you to reveal the Secrets of your ways and thoughts to me Father. Through Your Holy Spirit that searcheth all things, the hearts of the men yea even the Deep things of God. Holy Spirit through silent worship I shall gain a Divine Idea for my life and Impartation of the Inspiration of the Secrets of God. Inspiration for the life, prayer, worship, service and movement with Your Holy Spirit Father. And anything you want to give me overflowingly Father.
Let me know all things that you want to Reveal me. As You Will. All things exist by thee. I receive the Revelation of the Holy Spirit for you have said in Your Word Father that Your thoughts and ways are not ours, but prophetically I pray that these Deep thoughts of God as the Holy Spirit Wills shall be given unto me by Grace. As I seek Thy ways and paths to follow you Lord. Let me understand Thy Good and Perfect Will, Lord. And bring my mind into alignment with Your Holy thoughts, which are Love, Peace and Mystery, Father
All things exist by thee. Thou hast made known unto me. Thy deep mysterious things. For all things exist by thee and there is none by thee Father. By thy Law thou hast directed my heart that I set my steps straight forward upon your paths and ways and Your thoughts Father and walk in your presence and where your presence is. Impart now the Gift of understanding the Mystery of the Gospel Father that I may know Thy ways through Your Word. As the mystery starts to stir up my soul and spirit. You have imparted in me your Holy Ghost who is the source of all Power, Inspiration and Divine Ideas. I pray, release your Inspiration and Divine Ideas upon my life Father.
For the stars are the memorial of your Name. And your works are praised by the oceans and mountains. Inspire me by your Glory and Grace Holy Spirit. As I adore your power upon me and even then when I don’t feel you, let my soul speak silently within me through your Inspiration and Secrets of God by your Holy Spirit Father,
In Jesus Mighty and Glorious Name,

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2 Responses

  1. Patrice

    Thank you for this prayer please continue to pray with me!

  2. ANN

    i trust God for a divine idea for a successful business

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