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Prayer of Salvation 2013 - John 3:16 - KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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Deliverance Prayers, Self Deliverance, Soul ties, breaking curses & bondages

Declaring the Blood of Jesus

Jesus. I believe you are the Son of God. And the only way to God. I come to you Lord Jesus as my deliverer. You know all my problems. All the things that bind, torment devile or harast me.I overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony. I declare now that the Blood of Jesus cleanses and washes me from all the sin. I declare that all Power has been given to me in Jesus Christ to overcome the enemy.

Heavenly Father, cover and wash my memory, intellect, consciousness, subconsciousness, mind, thoughts and emotions with the Blood of Jesus. Cover my body, soul and spirit with the Blood of Jesus. I am fully protected with the Blood of Jesus.

I am calling on the Lord’s angel surrounding me with the fence of fire.

Renouncing bad and unholy things

Satan I rebuke you in Jesus Name. Im closing any door that I have opened to you through contact of the following occult or unholy things __________. Run your list by the devil for his benefit. I forbid him to interfere as I continue with my deliverance.

I renounce all bad things I remember and know about. And also any that I do not know about. I renounce and confess sins Holy Spirit has made me conscious and also sins that I do not know about. Blood of Jesus cleanses my memory and mind. I renounce satan and all his demons. I declare them to be my enemies. I want them out of my life completely. And I call on the Lord for deliverance from all evil spirits. I hate them. They are my enemies. And I command them to go from me now!

In the name of Jesus Christ. I come against every spirit, occult or unholy thing and sin that has been renounced. By the Blood of Jesus. And I command them to go from me now.

Forgiving and Breaking ungodly soul ties

Lord I forgive every person who has ever harmed or wronged me. I forgive them as much as I want you to forgive me. I forgive and receive forgiveness.

And now I renounce, break and sever myself from the soul ties to any person, living or dead, who has ever dominated or controlled me, in any way, which is contrary to the Will of God. If I have occult or unholy objects in my possession I have soul tie with. I commit myself to get rid of them and destroy them that could hold soul tie together. Anything that could hold the bond together with me and the person(s) ( state them by name ) ______________. I break the soul ties with these person(s) by the Blood of the Lamb. Any unholy music. I break the soul tie with it and commit myself to get rid of the cd’s dvd’s and I renounce the sin and soul tie forever with the ungodly and unholy demonic music which has been given territory to the enemy.

I now command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of this unholy soul ties to leave me now in the name of Jesus!

Renouncing ungodly vows

I repent the vow I made to person(s) or demon(s). I renounce, break and loose myself from the vows I have made by the Blood of the Lamb. And I sever myself from these demons nullifying the vow as I receive forgiveness from Jesus.

I now command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of unholy vow(s) to leave me now in the name of Jesus!

Reversing curses and spells

Father in the name of Jesus I nullify and reverse all curses, spells, witchcraft control, witchcraft of all kinds, jinxes, vexes, hexes, psychic powers back to their senders. I break and loose myself with the Blood of Jesus from all kind of pressure and I break any occult activity which has put upon me or my family line. And I command the spirits from these sources to go and leave me now. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Breaking spirit of death

I declare “I shall not die but live, and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the Lord”. Now every spirit of death loose me and go from me now. You bow before Jesus. I renounce any spirit of death. And I shall live and declare what the Lord has done in my life. I overcome the spirit of death by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony.

Breaking generational curses and occult heredity

By the Blood of Lamb I renounce, break and loose myself from any generational curses that may be in my family line as result of sins. I destroy, renounce and break all curses and the curses put upon me or my family line by any person or persons or by any occult source or psychic source. I command all such curses to nullify on me now by the Blood of Jesus. I also sever myself from any soul-ties with the occult, psychic heredity or curses on the persons on my family line. I now loose myself and my family line from any bondage passed down to me from any ancestors and I command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of these cords of iniquity, generational curses and unholy soul ties to leave me now forever in the Name of Jesus.

Confessing the Blood of the Lamb and Holy Spirit

I confess that my body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. Cleansed, washed, sanctified, justified by the Blood of Jesus. Therefore satan has no more place in me. No more power over me. Because of the Blood of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for setting me free. I thank you that after this prayer I you will continue with my deliverance as I submit myself into your service. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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14 Responses


    I just happened to come across this site, very blessed

  2. denise

    What a wonderful website :-) its terribly difficult these days, these times to come across the precious emphasis on the application and power of the Blood of Jesus in prayers! Truly a gem… Praise God

  3. h masih

    Thank you.Please pray for me and my family,that we ALL will be saved,and ALL curses be broken.NAMES:HOLLY,WILLIAM,CAROL,DONALD,ISRAEL,DERLIS,JASMINE,JIBRIL,MASON,JERIQUA,UNBORN,MICHAEL,JESSICA.Thank you.

  4. Mambo

    This is God approved site, it is a great blessing. When I was reading and saying the prayers I could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost…. Iam feeling as if the burden has been taken away ftrom me. I really needed this. Thank you Jesus my Redeemer. There is freedom in Jesus indeed. AMEN.

  5. Barbara

    I have had ritual abuse done to me and I have struggled spiritually for about 20 years I feel very torn minute and wish to be free from all this I want to pray this prayer so bad but I have a difficult time about the third sentence into it but thank you for posting it because I’m going to continue to try to read it with her I’ll start feeling better not

  6. Shirl

    May we use your prayers in our small group? Thank you.

  7. Your books are very spiritual

  8. Monique

    This has blessed me so much! I had an ungodly soul tie that was holding me in bondage. All Glory to God for leading me to this site for prayers. Amen!!

  9. Your prayers are much more powerful.

  10. Jo

    Thank you for this prayer, I am praying for the evil soul ties, lies, cheating, secrets, adultery, infidelity, stop in our family and marriage that has been happening for generations. I am exhausted from all the anxieties and secrets still being held onto. I pray the Blood of Jesus Christ breaks all the evil chains, bondages, strongholds, walls, scales, secrets, hiding things, generational curses and evil soul ties especially with Amy be broken in Jesus name.and the truth set free and all of God Angels Army’s fight our battles and save our family and children from anymore hurting, suffering and pain in Jesus name Amen .

  11. Metrine Wanyonyi

    It is just what I needed now
    Thank you Jesus.

  12. shonta

    Please pray for me and my family that we will be saved and all curses will be broken,shonta,Kiara,ciara,Keonta,peaches,riausha,Robyn,steven

  13. Faustina

    Pastor Kaoume, God bless you! Do you have a team with you in ministry? Is is a prayer center or a church that you want to build? The key to all these are prayer – unrelenting and persistent. How good is your English since I don’t speak French. Would be happy to speak with you. Faustina

  14. This was truly a blessing!

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