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Prophecy: A Sign Will Rise Above Israel

Tower OF David

Munday and Jennifer Martin say the Lord has told them a sign will emerge over Israel this summer, signalling something greater than the Jesus Movement. (Reuters photo) Prophetic ministers Munday and Jennifer Martin, writing to readers of Elijah List, said something "far greater than the Jesus Movement" is coming in a

REVELATION: A Simple Outline

I have created a simple outline of Revelation. This is only an outline, so there are many other events that take place in each chapter, but I have tried to highlight what I feel are the most central events of this very important prophetic Book. REVELATION Chapters 1 – 22 Chapter 1 –

The End Time in the Book of Revelation

In the biblical book of Revelation, Jesus Christ foretold many more signs of the time of the end. What do these mysterious signs mean? In the Gospel accounts Jesus gave a brief summary of the events and conditions leading up to His return. But later He filled in many details. Sixty

5 Signs That Have So Many Pastors Believing the Biblical End Times Are Approaching

Our culture has become increasingly captivated by apocalyptic themes and storylines, with a plethora of popular TV shows and feature films embracing zombies, plagues and other terrifying end-of-days scenarios.  But the idea of a future Armageddon-like scenario isn't merely reserved for fictional entertainment plots, as the concept is deeply embedded in

How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion

Using the Internet can destroy your faith. That’s the conclusion of a study showing that the dramatic drop in religious affiliation in the U.S. since 1990 is closely mirrored by the increase in Internet use. Back in 1990, about 8 percent of the U.S. population had no religious preference. By 2010,

Blood moon prophecy

The blood moon prophecy is a series of apocalyptic beliefs promoted by Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which state that a tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses—coinciding on Jewish holidays—with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April

Wisdom and Revelation

Wisdom and Revelation 15 This is why, since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16 I never stop giving thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers. 17 I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, would give you

Revelation 13 and Its “Beasts”

Revelation 13 and Its "Beasts" By: Paul Kroll 1999 The two beasts described in Revelation 13 are among the most enigmatic parts of the book of Revelation, and they have inspired no end of commentary. What is the meaning of these two beasts? beastLet’s begin by briefly describing what John saw as the

Revelation – Revelation of John – Revelation Explained – Revelation Bible Scriptures

ATS Bible Dictionary Revelation An extraordinary and supernatural disclosure made by God, whether by dream, vision, ecstasy, or otherwise, of truths beyond man's unaided power to discover. Paul, alluding to his visions and revelations, 2 1 Corinthians 12:1,7, speaks of them in the third person, out of modesty; and declares that he

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