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End Time Prophecy News – Hundreds Respond to the Gospel Message at Franklin Graham’s Revival in Mexico

End Time Prophecy News - Hundreds Respond to the Gospel Message at Franklin Graham’s Revival in Mexico

In recent Facebook posts, evangelist Franklin Graham shared the news of the response to the gospel message of Jesus Christ at a revival held over the weekend in Monterrey, Mexico. Graham posted photos of a packed auditorium of 16,000 who came to hear the gospel. The Bible tells us, ‘For what

Prayer for financial miracle – Financial blessing prayer – Prayer for favor

Prayer for Finances Prayer for Financial Help from Bible From GOD - Blessing of Favor

Many things can happen to us in life that can lead to financial difficulty - such as the loss of a job, a business getting into unexpected difficulty, or even having a baby. Here are three prayers you can pray to ask God for help with the restoration of your

3 Prayers for Pastors – Prayer to cover your pastor – God – An inspiring quote to give to your pastor

Prayer for Pastor-Prayers for Pastors-Intercessory prayer

This page features three prayers to pray for your pastor, with an uplifting prayer for his renewal and ministry, a prayer to cover your pastor in God's protection and safety, and a short prayer for before the worship service for his leading and preaching. There are also some inspiring scripture

Billy Graham Christian Lifestyle – 10 Guidelines for Christian Living

Billy Graham Christian Lifestyle - 10 Guidelines for Christian Living

Christian Lifestyle - 10 Guidelines for Christian Living January 10, 2014 Billy Graham Over the last seven decades, Billy Graham has written 32 books which are an extension of his continued ministry and burden to reach as many people as possible with the Good News of the Gospel. In “Peace with God,”

The Limitless Nature of God’s Grace – God’s grace is limitless and sufficient for all things.

Perhaps the hardest word in the entire New Testament to wrap our minds around is the infinitely wide one-syllable word grace. Defining it is not the problem. Succinctly put, grace is unmerited favor. Confining it is where we get into trouble. The truth is, we who are in Christ Jesus

Billy Graham’s Last Crusade: America Actually 58th Country To Host ‘My Hope’ 2013 Christianity – In Memory of Billy Graham

Billy Grahams Last Crusade America Actually 58th Country To Host My Hope. American Evangelist. Evangelist of Our Time

Billy Graham's Last Crusade: America Actually 58th Country To Host 'My Hope' Highlights from new crusade format that focuses on filling living rooms worldwide instead of stadiums. Billy Graham will celebrate his 95th birthday this Thursday in appropriate fashion, launching his largest-ever and likely last crusade. More than 28,000 churches have pledged their

Prayers to Pray – Bible study – Bible Prayers – Pray These Powerful Decrees Over Your Unsaved Loved Ones

Pray These Powerful Decrees Over Your Unsaved Loved Ones

One of the most profound truths presented in Scripture is that Jesus Christ is a groom. His bride is the church. This is very good news as it suggests that the degree of intimacy, dedication, care and commitment Jesus offers His followers is that of a faithful husband to His

Why God has not answred my Prayer? This Might Be Why God Hasn’t Answered Your Prayer Yet

Propehcy Bible Christianity Jerusalem Prayer Jesus Christ News Breaking News Coming of the Christ Anima Christ Churc (1)

One of the great challenges with prayer is when it is not answered. A specific request may come to mind. We ask God why He hasn't answered us. But part of the problem with that is that we don't figure out what our response should be to the fact that

What is praying in tongues? Is praying in tongues a prayer language between a believer and God?

What is praying in tongues Is praying in tongues a prayer language between a believer and God

Answer: As a background, please read our article on the gift of speaking in tongues. There are four primary Scripture passages that are cited as evidence for praying in tongues: Romans 8:26; 1 Corinthians 14:4-17; Ephesians 6:18; and Jude verse 20. Ephesians 6:18 and Jude 20 mention “praying in

5 Powerful Prayers for Protection – Prayers for Protection from the Bible – “Priestly Blessings” prayer from Scripture

Our world is filled with events and situations that can cause great fear and anxiety. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and live imprisoned by fear.  We are promised in God’s Word that he is faithful and will protect us (2 Thessalonians 3:3).  God wants us to let go of fear

7 Steps to Forgiveness – Prayer for Forgiveness – Prayers to Pray

Forgiveness can be gut-wrenching, hard work. It's also a process that can take time, especially if the wounds are deep. But forgiveness opens the way for you to be healed. Sometimes, it even restores the broken relationship.If you know you need to forgive, but you also know that your heart is not ready, start with step one and

Prayer for Strength and Guidance – God will guide you always – Receive strength and guidance

Prayer for Strength and Guidance “The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” Isaiah 58:11These amazing words show the heart of our Father God toward us

Effective Prayer – Prayers to pray – Prayer

It's one thing to pray, but quite another to pray effectively. You can learn to pray with confidence, knowing that God is listening and will act for your good according to His will. "...but the people who know their God will display strength and take action." Daniel 11:32 One of the greatest needs

Prayers You Can Pray!

Like in any relationship, it can be a little hard at first to know what to say. Praying is no different! It might start off a bit rocky, but the more you talk to God, the more natural it will feel. Pretty soon praying will become a regular part of your life.  No

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