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Bible PROPHECY NEWS. Prophecy: Publishing Angels Being Released to Unknown Authors and Artists

Some authors, whose difficult projects have given them great labor pains, will discover there was more than one dream in their womb. (Pixabay)

I saw angels scavenging through trash cans, old filing cabinets and dusty warehouses, picking up rejected manuscripts of books, songs, screenplays and artwork, and then declaring, “These have been written and created ahead of their time—but their time is now!”

I saw “publishing angels” sitting on stacks of books, but these angels are now arising! These authors were strongly anointed as those who were seemingly born out of season, and their divine projects were ahead of their time, but their time has now come to be published and to be heard abroad.

Going to High Places

Some writings will ultimately end up in kings’ palaces as well as the prisons and rescue missions of the earth, for kings sit in both places. World leaders will find these divine writings in their laps delivered by the hands of “dignitary angels.” Some rejected and forgotten artwork will now be adorning the walls of government buildings and the palaces of world leaders.

I saw angels picking up discarded forms of divine artwork from the storage rooms of art stores and closets. These works of art were from original artists who have given up hopes and dreams of their artwork which God had called them to do. These same paintings and forms of prophetic artwork will now find their way into the halls of justice to hang on the walls and will prophesy into the governments of the world. Some artwork had the address stamped on their backs: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC. (The White House.)

Other paintings and artwork will find their way into Middle East palaces to adorn their walls with justice and help break the powers of darkness off the minds of world leaders who assemble in these renowned palaces in the earth. Some of the most profound artwork was coming from prison cells and will be found in mansions of the richest men in the world.

Multiple Births

Some authors, whose difficult projects have given them great labor pains, will discover there was more than one dream in their womb. Some novels and screenplays that have taken so long and have had great difficulty in being completed are in God’s timing after all. The patient labor of these projects has only increased the size of their destiny and, having been carried full-term, are now nearing God’s delivery room.

With surprise, some authors will give birth unexpectedly to twins: a novel and a movie. From trash cans to theater screens, from filing cabinets to governmental cabinets and from the warehouse to the White House, dead dreams are rising!

Gold pens were being delivered by these publishing angels to unknown people, declaring, “Go ahead and start writing.”


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