Announcing the Launch of DNA and Beyond

On Monday, April 25th — “International DNA Day” —  you can experience the launch of a creative new DNA-learning experience,  “DNA and Beyond.”  The link to a new website focusing on genetics and epigenetics will be posted here by midnight, April 24th,  on “DNA Day Eve”!

The “DNA & Beyond” approach to genetics has been described as “fun, easy, and health-focused.” It teaches health tips that are important for genetic tuning of our “methylation” of DNA, and it uses such media as silly string with an oversize bowl, colorful plastic models, easy-to-learn songs, and short film clips available for free download or streaming.

On April 25th we will open up pre-orders of the new “Dynamic DNA Model,” a sturdy, twistable, and zip-open-ready DNA model with 21 rungs.  It employs a 4-color memory system and using embedded magnets, it mimics the opening of DNA for transcription. 

To produce the model, a partnership has been born with Florida Custom Mold, a company in Tampa Bay. The production effort is being managed by this company, working with the C. S. Lewis Society, and “DNA and Beyond”–a new non-profit corporation in Florida [see our logo above, crafted by Digital Lightbridge].  As the model comes into production in the coming weeks, our first “DNA and the Good Life” seminars are being kicked off in late May starting in Norway and Denmark.  Others are being scheduled in Camden,  Maine; Columbus, Ohio and a half dozen US metro areas in the coming year.

A trio of three new teaching songs, one each for DNA, RNA, and proteins, have been woven into the teaching system.  Sung to the familiar “ABC” song melody, they are registered with BMI.

Using the models, songs, and much more, our teaching/learning experience will pry open the secrets of DNA on the topic of how it works, how it is connected to fitness, and crucially, the enigma of its origin.